Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 10- that's right, double digits!

Odd things for today:

Turns out my roommate is a rabbi.

He also wakes up before dawn and prays for like 2 hours.

With the lights on.

Do you go to hell for hoping a rabbi passes out before he can go back to praying?

Oh, and the lady who came in to check my vital signs had a bite mark on her arm. I'm no expert, but it looked human. If I'm stuck here for 30 days I think it's about time I start coming up with interesting back stories for all the people around here.

Rabbi's morning consisted of the following (which I was privy to because his light went on before dawn and he started talking loudly):
He prayed.
He called someone and prayed on the phone
He mumbled
He prayed some more
He made another phone call and prayed on the phone again
This continued for about 2 hours.

This is a conversation that just happened between hospital staff and the rabbi (I'm actually not sure who the middle quote is...)
"I'm here for the urine."
"Urine, what urine? Did you take urine?
"no, nobody asked me to"

(keep in mind that the first quote has a thick hispanic accent and the next two are thick Israeli accents)

Just in case anyone doubts the complete loss of human dignity in modern hospitals...

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