Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 13- I'm officially an angsty teen all over again

I saw something on the tv this morning that disturbed me. I believe it's one of the signs of impending apocalypse. It is called the "rocket fishing rod." The commercial begins by showing a bunch of kids at the edge of a lake with plastic gun things. They shoot those, and then it cuts to footage of the fish they catch. I assumed this was a joke commercial because it looked way too ridiculous. Yeah, it wasn't. It is literally a plastic toy gun that shoots a capsule with a hook inside it into the water.

Thoughts on this:

Are we trying to get children into the whole fishing thing?

if so, why?

Even if you use the gun to shoot the hook into the lake, there's no reason to think you'll catch anything quickly. I have to imagine that once those excited little children on the commercial have gotten over the novelty of shooting at things, they'll just end up shooting each other.

see for yourself

Favorite phrase so far today: Tackle pack. It comes free with the rocket thing and just sounds dirty.

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