Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 13- the drugs

So I mentioned before that one of the new drugs they have me on can cause visual hallucinations. I'm definitely not getting anything serious, but I've got a dark spot in the center of my right eye's field of vision that won't go away. Hence I can barely read what I'm writing.

This past night of sleep was particularly interesting because apparently that stuff also effects what you see in your head. In my case, whenever I'd get woken up during the night and drift back off, I'd have some bizarre dream and then would be really confused when I was woken up next.

Odd things I've dreamed about so far (keep in mind that there was no context to any of these, I would literally just get a few seconds and then I'd get woken up again):

I was in a room with a bunch of mountain men who were filling out forms.
I just looked down and saw my hand completely covered in blood.
My cat.

I guess they can't all be bad.

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