Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 12- pain and the beast

NOTE: from this point on I'm on an antibiotic that really screws up my vision. I can just barely read what I'm writing so I apologize if this sounds like it was written by a retarded 7 year old.

I was so sick the last few days I couldn't write. I literally didn't get out of bed once yesterday. I have a fever of 103. You'll forgive me if I'm not so entertaining.

I had meant to write something about the rabbi, so here it is even though he left a few days ago.

The rabbi is a beast. He is 100% strong-like-bull man. Let me put this in context.

A minor surgical procedure is defined as anything a doctor can justify not hitting you over the head with a stick until you're unconscious before he's comfortable doing it. Things like bone marrow biopsies are considered "minor surgical procedures" even though it was the most painful traumatizing thing I've ever experienced. The rabbi had a bone marrow biopsy in our room. I ran. I got out into the hall and just started marching in circles. My nurse saw me and I explained the situation and he was willing to do recon for me. I walked in circles for like 40 minutes. Around here that's a lot. Before I left the room I heard the rabbi double checking with the doctor that they wouldn't be using anything other than a local anesthetic. I, on the other hand, beg and plead and publicly humiliate myself to try and get them to give me something.

More evidence of the rabbi's beasthood and my little girlishness: He and I underwent the same procedure to have a central line placed in our chests. As the little girl that I am, I had anxiety and fear of this procedure for days. Turns out they knock you out for it, which I am a huge fan of. The beast/rabbi turned down the anesthetic. Yeah, he wanted to be awake during someone going into his chest with a needle. Probably several needles. The rabbi is a beast.

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