Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 12- for real this time

So it's day 12. Yesterday I didn't get out of bed once and I've had a consisted fever of 103 for a few days now. This is starting to not be so fun anymore.

Oh, thanks to my epic fever (and the attendant alternating freezing and boiling feelings) they've moved me into my own room. While technically it's an "isolation room" (Miranda, I think I've found your next apartment) that I'll only be in for a week or so to let this infection/fever stuff blow over, I don't care. It's my own room with my own shower and nobody snoring. I plan to mount a defense when they try to get me out of here. My IV tree could be a very effective javelin... assuming I can get someone to unplug me from it,.

With that mental imagery, it's time for sleep.

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