Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 13- the tv preacher man

I was flipping through channels at about 8 this morning hoping to find something worth watching. Natrually, it being sunday at 8am and all, there's nothing but sports and preachers. I ended up stopping on one of the preacher channels while I was doing something else, and I heard a little of what the man had to say. First, he seemed to be unhappy with organized religion, he also seemed unhappy with people who obsessively study the bible. I'm not exactly sure who he does like, but given that he's a tv preacher, probably just himself.

Another thing I enjoyed from tv preacher man was him explaining to everyone in the audience (I'm guessing they were drugged and kidnapped, otherwise this country has no future) that "jesus wasn't thinking about comfort." He said this while in a cushy recliner chair, I guess to emphasize the part about comfort. He didn't really go anywhere with it other than to say "god and Jesus made themselves uncomfortable." At that point I changed the channel.

Oh, another religious weirdness request, this time for the Christians:

What is a high risk prayer and why did this guy keep patting himself on the back for not doing them?

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